The Thousand Year Flood, Day 1

When I woke up this morning, Kelly had already left to play golf. I thought he was kind of nuts, since it was raining, but he and his friends played anyway. I was waiting for him to come home so that we could go grocery shopping together. The refrigerator, freezer, and pantry were all but empty since I had been out of town so much and he was working such long hours.

By the time he got home, it was raining harder, but didn't seem too bad. We left via our normal route, only to discover that water was rushing across the street from what was normally a tiny creek. And just beyond that was a downed tree across the road. So we turned around and went the other way, out Bald Eagle instead of Campbell Ridge. At the bottom of the hill, another small creek was at least a foot deep over the road, blocking all traffic. Yikes! But we still had one more route we could try and took Lonesome Pine. While the creeks along the road were high, they were not across the roads. We managed to make it into Bellevue, only to discover the electricity was out in the businesses on Hwy 70 all the way up to the Publix store which was our destination. Fortunately, the Publix had electricity, and we were able to do our shopping. Which was a real blessing, seeing as what transpired over the next few hours and days.

Coming home, we took the Lonesome Pine route again, without issue. We unloaded all the groceries and put them away, then went back out to take some photos of the weather, still not realizing just how desperate the situation would become. The water had receeded back into the creek banks at the bottom of the hill, but had damaged the roadway. Water was still rushing across Whippoorwill near the downed tree. We took some photos and returned home.

I started watching the weather/news on TV, and checking Facebook updates. The flooding was all over middle Tennessee, and it was serious. And it was still raining.

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Write by: RC - Saturday, May 1, 2010

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