The Thousand Year Flood, Day 2

It's Sunday, and the rain is still coming down.

I started watching the weather/news on TV, and checking Facebook updates. The flooding was all over middle Tennessee, and it was serious. Our elementary school was under 5 feet of water, and a teacher who had gone to retrieve things from her classroom had to be rescued from the roof by boat. I-25 southeast of downtown had become a raging river itself. A portable classroom from Lighthouse Christian academy was floating down the interstate until it hit a stranded semi and fell to pieces. The beautiful Opryland Hotel and Convention Center was under 10 feet of water. Interstate 40 both east and west of Kingston Springs was closed because it was under water. Highway 70 was also closed. Kingston Springs was now an island, with no way in or out. We were no longer able to get out of our neighborhood. I see on Facebook that several homes across the street from our Middle School and High School have been swept away, in a river that never existed before. Videos of the homes being forced off their foundations and floating away to later be broken apart into kindling. Families losing everything they own. I read posts on Facebook about people being trapped in their homes waiting for rescue. Or a family that escaped their flooded home but spent days waiting for rescue from their van parked on the ridge above their home. Its all surreal.

A little while later, we lost our internet and cable connections, and cell service became too weak to get a call in or out. Text messages were still going through.

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Write by: RC - Sunday, May 2, 2010

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