The Aftermath

One thing I can say about Tennessee--we are the VOLUNTEER STATE! In the wake of catastrophic flooding, volunteers have literally flooded the neighborhoods to help others. The Red Tree Coffee House has been the command center for Kingston Springs and Pegram, and owners/sisters Amy Bruce and Katie Conley spearheaded the organization of volunteers and dispatched them to those in need. (See local news story.) The Methodist church across the street was command center for food, with volunteers making sack lunches for both those who lost their homes, and the volunteers helping with the clean up.

Kelly volunteered to help clear debris and rip out ruined drywall from homes in the Shacklett area, which was particularly hard hit. And is a rather poor area to begin with. I volunteered to help make lunches and deliver them to workers in the Harpeth Meadows and Tanglewood subdivisions. I also spent some time at the Middle School, which has been turned into a Red Cross Relief Center, helping them organize donations of food, water, clothing, tools, and cleaning supplies.

I didn't take any photographs today. There was something about it that would have felt like I was intruding on people's pain and suffering, since I was seeing first hand the damage to people's homes, not just public areas and streets.

There was a big BBQ for all the victims and volunteers at Red Tree tonight, but I had already committed to photographing a graduation party for some young men at Brentwood Academy.

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Write by: RC - Saturday, May 8, 2010

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