Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trip to Texas & Florida


American Airlines Flight Museum

Original pilot uniforms

American Airlines DC3

The cockpit

The leading sculpture of Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive.

Dallas is gearing up for the Superbowl!

The 'Book Depository' at Dealey Plaza

A trip to the South would not be complete without a trip to the local Waffle House for my favourite breakfast :Cheese eggs, grits, bacon, cinnamon raisin toast and coffee.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Portland Bridal Show 2011

Portland Bridal Show 2011 was in full swing this weekend - I was there to take photos for Sophie Chang, of course, with all the excitement going on, it was impossible for any photographer to stay on task and forget the rest. 

The stunningly beautiful Jennifer Moon, Formal Event Coordinator for Weatherford's in Oregon City

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tipps for Brides : Wedding Photography

What kind of photographs do you want on your wedding day ?
-Beautiful ones !
That is a valid answer, there is much more to it ! For example, are you a traditionalist ? or are you totally freaked out by the term?
A few questions for you and your fiancee to answer :

Will the ceremony be in a traditional church/temple/synagog ?

Will there be a bridal party?

Are you wearing a wedding gown with train, veil ?

Do you plan walking down the aisle with your dad, both parents or by yourself?

How close knit is your family? Do you want separate photographs with every one of your siblings? Are your grandparents big part of your life?

Do you plan arranging your day so that there is a specific allotted time allotted for posed formal portraits?

At the reception, do you want the band leader/DJ to announce your grand entrance, the first dance, the toast, and the cake cutting?

Do you want a special announcement when you dance with your dad or when your husband dances with his mom?

Do you want to throw your bouquet? Do you want the groom to toss the garter?

Do you want the garter-catcher put the garter of the bouquet-cather?

Although, some couples revel in the trappings of a traditional wedding, others are aghast at the thought.
There is no right or wrong - but it is important, that you determine whiter you are a traditionalist or more avant-garde in how you look at your wedding day. Once you have answered, it becomes easy to decide on the photographic style you prefer.

Each week I will be posting tips on how to organize yourself, budget, negotiate contracts, and how to create a wedding that looks like you have spent a million dollar, but you will still have money left for a phantasmic honeymoon !
Please check back for more ideas !
Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Day in The Garden

Focus On Youth Kids and their mentors Headed to  Lan Su Garden Formerly known as Chinese Classical garden . Cold, wet winter day, luckily the rain tapered off just long enough for us to get a few interesting shots.