What Friends Will Do...

OK, so I mentioned that adorable zebra chair Rebekah bought yesterday, right? Well, she actually purchased the floor sample from the show, so she couldn't take it home with her until the show closed. And she was stuck in meetings all day. So I told her I would go pick it up for her. I had some other places to go before that, and was wearing a long skirt and high-heeled boots. Not a good choice for walking through the tradeshow and carrying out a freaking chair, right? Just as I got outside onto the sidewalk, I tripped and fell! Not only did I have some nasty bruises on my ribs from falling against the chair, but I skinned up my knees really bad. I had blood running down my leg and some gravel stuck in my knee. And would you believe that a group of guys just stood there and didn't offer to help me up or anything?

Fortunately, a man and his wife, both photographers from Indiana, stopped and not only helped me up, but offered me a ride to my car, which was quite a distance away. They loaded up the chair in the back of their van for me even. I really wish I could remember their names so I could send them a thank you note for their kindness. But I was embarrassed and in pain, and my memory for names isn't that great under the best of circumstances. So whoever you are, THANK YOU!

When I go to my car, I had a first aid kit and was able to disinfect and bandage the knees. This was taken later in the day.

I just hope that Rebekah lets me borrow that blasted chair one day!
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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