The Aquarius men are those who are born from January 21-February 18.

Element: AIR
Ruling Planet: URANUS
Erogenous Zone: ANKLES, CALVES

The Aquarius gay man is ahead of his time. He knew he was different at a young age. Different because he's gay, and different because he's completely bizarre. Many Aquarian men experience the sensation of watching life as if they are outside of their body. Yes, some of them are crazy, but most of them are just so profoundly detached that they are able to separate not just from the rest of the world, but from themselves, too.

Aquarius men tend to live in the future. They have great belief that the world of tomorrow is going to be much better -- much more fair and humane -- than the world of today. And most of these brilliant thinkers will go on to do great works, to make the universe a better place for all of us. These fellows can be awe-inspiring.

They can also drive you crazy if you're close to one of them. Intimacy is not their specialty. Aquarians are more comfortable with we than with I. I'm not talking about the grand we of Leo. The Aquarian we can be very distracting, even when these well-meaning men use it to express loving concepts.

AQUARIUS: We all matter, don't we? We're all human beings!
YOU: Of course, but what about me?
AQUARIUS: Don't be selfish. Think about all of us.
YOU: But we started by talking about just the two of us.
AQUARIUS: Well, it's gotten bigger than that.

All right, students, does anyone have any idea what Mr. Aquarius is talking about? Yes, Rick? You have no idea? Good! Neither does Mr. Aquarius. You see, Mr. A gets so caught up in ideas and concepts that involve "the world" that he has a hard time communicating one-on-one. He is also, as you can see, incredibly cerebral. His mind is his greatest asset and worst handicap. His ideas are bigger than life and idealistic, and his ability to think rationally and to reason are incredibly well developed. Often, however, his overactive brain cancels out his feelings. It's hard for him to just listen to his feelings and act on them. Even on the occasions when he does, he may talk himself out of it halfway through.

So what saves this poor, gifted soul? His friends. Friendship is the most important thing to Mr. Aquarius. It's a thing of beauty and inspiration to this highly gentle man. The Aquarian who chooses his friends wisely can count on them to pull his more motional side out of him, and to teach him to deal with people he loves on a more personal level.

At heart, these men are scientists who seek deep and thorough understanding. From this place of knowledge they desire to change the world for the better. The challenge for Aquarian men is to understand how to relate to the people closest to them, using their hearts, not their heads.

You could not call him shy, so why is he not picking up on your obvious interest in him?
Aquarius more than holds his own in a discussion of the upcoming election or String Theory. However, when you corner him for more intimate conversation, he becomes evasive. His impersonal charm evaporates when the contact becomes personal. The Aquarius ├╝ber-dork will stare a hole through you at the bar, but will not ask for a date when you introduce yourself.

Aquarius lives in a clear-cut world of mixed signals. He gets them from others and he puts them out himself. The subtle, unexplainable rules that we use every day to dressed appropriately, eat right, know who to come on to, etc., are for him a confusing mishmash of mystical nonsense. That is why this sign has the worst gaydar. You could be dressed like Liza Minnelli, ordering drinks from a bare-chested bartender in a night spot called The Cock, and he will still have to ask some mutual acquaintance if you might be gay.

His oblique semi-come-ons are an attempt to play the game right without embarrassing himself. When he finally realizes that you have been trying to encourage his advances, Aquarius will pounce on you like a horny teenager.

You are going to have to work to get this guy.  Though he wants to be cool, rational one, Mr. Waterboy is a self-contradicting, unpredictable, erratic, eccentric freak of nature. This makes hard to define just who the real Mr. Waterboy is. His words and his actions seem to come from two separate personalities. His inconsistency is the only constant about him, yet he thinks he is the one stable man in a world of Lucy Ricardos.

Aquarius views emotion as quicksand that will sink anyone bestial enough to indulge in it. Passionate men are walking vats of quicksand seeking to lure Mr. Waterboy to his demise. Still the cool Aquarius wants the heat that such men bring into his life.

Somewhere in his head Aquarius has a Platonic ideal of what a good relationship is that bears no resemblance to actual human life. However, this ideal is more real to him than the raw desire that overcomes him when he finds love. So it will take more than simple attraction to hook him. His ideal relationship is largely mental bonding, so you need to let him see the measure of your mind. Aquarius is drawn most strongly to men who give him a fresh perspective.

Conventional wisdom says that if two men are friends, they cannot become lovers. This does not apply to Aquarius. He does not see much difference between being a friend or a lover, so one will not preclude the other.  Because he feels that no individual relationship can possibly stack up against the fate of society and the world, Aquarius equates romantic love with outrageous egomania. Sentimentality and clinginess on your part will only confirm this view, sending him flying. Aquarius is not a boyfriend for the easily embarrassed or the touchy.

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Mr. Waterboy sincerely believes that any conflict can be resolved by discussing it. Yet when he has reached his breaking point, Aquarius leaves without a word.  Aquarius stays faithful more because it is easy than because it is right. Falling in love is not something he does often, but when he does it rocks his foundations. If he falls for another while with you, even if there is no cheating, he will resent you until he gets over it. Still, Aquarius is rarely in hurry to end a relationship and is even less rushed to start a new one, so it possible to weather this rough patch.

There are two ways to decisively end the relationship. One is to simply absent yourself. If you are not nearby, or at least in frequent phone contact, Aquarius will not pine away for you.  The other way to break up is to increase your demands on him. He likes to imagine that after a time relationships take care of themselves. If the upkeep taxes him too much, then you will be seen as a liability. Though his love never quite disappears, Aquarius will amputate any relationship that threatens to pull him under.

If Mr. Waterboy seems too calculating in matters of the heart, he is. More often than not he hurts himself most of all when leaving a lover. Since he tends to value the public face of the pairing more than intimate support, Aquarius often severs an emotional lifeline because his lover does not fit in with his circle of friends.
The one small mercy is that Aquarius does not bad-mouth his ex-lovers.

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