Fare thee well, olde friend...

You have served me well...but it's time for you to retire to that studio in the sky. Or at the very least, the hands of someone who won't demand quite so much of you in your old age. My Fuji S2 Pro was my first Digital SLR camera. It's 5 years old now, and no longer up to the demands of my sessions and weddings. It will probably be listed on ebay very shortly. But it's been a wonderful camera that helped immensely to improve my skills and my art.

Now, it's been replaced by...the new Nikon D700! I practically stalked the man in brown (UPS) yesterday waiting for it to arrive. Odd how when I am not expecting a package, UPS comes down my street late morning, but if I am waiting for something, they don't get here until after 5 PM! So by the time the batteries were charged and I could play, I was ready to sleep--I had been up since 5 AM to take my daughter to the airport to go back to college. But I was able to play with it some today and--man, this camera really rocks! It will take me about a month to read the 444 page owner's manual--and even longer to understand what I read. But oh, how sweet it is! I can't wait to really put it through the paces.

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Write by: RC - Thursday, August 21, 2008

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