The Gemini men are those who are born from May 21-June 20.

Element: AIR
Ruling Planet: MERCURY
Erogenous Zones: HANDS, ARMS

The Gemini gay man is tremendous fun to be around. He's read every book and magazine article and seen every movie and exhibit there is to see. And even if he hasn't, he can easily make cocktail-party chat about them for hours. The Gemini man is basically good-natured and just wants to have fun (like his female Gemini counterpart Cyndi Lauper). Is that such a crime?

Mr. Gemini has a quick mind... and I'm talking superquick. Unlike Mr. Leo, who is just waiting for you to shut up so that he can say what he wants to say, or Mr. Aries, who will abruptly cut you off, Mr. Gemini will simply tune out and go into his much more scintillating head, if you start to bore him. And the young chap simply detests being bored or understimulated.

Because he is so clever, you may find him working in a profession that demands strong writing and/or communicating abilities. Hopefully he has a job that is in no way monotonous. You see, if gets to flit from interest to interest and project to project daily, he is probably a happy Gemini. If he is stuck in a rut in his life, you may find him depressed and depressing to be around. When he feels trapped, he can be downright mean!

Mr. Gemini probably discovered his nature early in life and has found ways to keep himself happily busy (and he can never be too busy). He probably reads all the time, and his tastes are no doubt eclectic. He can swing from "Betty and Veronica" to Proust in the blink of his blank "Little Orphan Annie" eye. He is so much more facile than everyone else that after a while he is sure to bore himself!

This man needs people, and he needs 'em bad. Being born under a mutable sign, he is extremely adaptable. In fact, he's quite the chameleon. He tends to get involved in the interests of his friends, lovers, and colleagues (and his family if he's really desperate...he's known them so long they really bore him.) He is no snob, mind you. Just as he can go from reading or seeing trash culture to putting on a tux and acting like the stuffiest patron of the arts, he also loves to get a taste of different kinds of people. But the main thing he looks for is humor. He can dig the witty side out of the most seemingly tedious individual. That's what makes him so charming, and so lovable.

You see, even thought he above description may sound like the thumbnail sketch of a shallow man (and he'd be the first to stand up and scream, "I'm just a big ball of fluff!"), he actually possesses a bigger heart than you might imagine. Mr. Gemini is the most open person in the zodiac. He can talk to anyone and relishes the opportunity to hear anyone's opinion. He challenges himself daily, though, and expects others to do the same. He doesn't even realize how inspiring he is.

While talking to you, he is scoping out the room for other men. In case you missed it, he then jokes about scoping out the room for other men.

Gemini is a perpetual motion machine powered by contradictions. He can be sharing without being generous, open without being totally honest. He is sometimes warm without caring and cold without hating. And in an instant his mood will change.

Geminis are always cute, though rarely gorgeous. The attraction is not in their looks but in the excitement of their mercurial temperament.

The Gemini mind is restless, so he does not like to get bogged down in messy emotions. He needs to be anchored by a boyfriend who responds with strong emotion to the things that matter most.

Gemini’s man cannot be completely silent type. Even that Mr. Twin frequently interrupts others when they are talking. He also likes to be interrupted himself. For him the most exciting man is one who voices interesting challenges and positions contrary to his own.

If Gemini is attracted, it is part because he sees you as a caretaker. If he stays, it is because you give him a long leash. On the other hand, a man who threatens to restrict Gemini’s access to the big world does not have a chance. So, let your come-on be lighthearted and half-joking so he can indulge his ambivalence before he says yes.

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Obligation has little meaning for Gemini. His commitment to you is one day at a time. Those days can add up to years. Or not. If he stays with a man it is because he wants to. If he does not want to, there will be no foot dragging or pretense.

After you have been apart for a while, Gemini will make friendly overtures to you. He feels that just because the lover part did not work out, does not mean you should give up on the friendship.

It may get sticky when he comes on to you after the breakup . . . and he will. But whether you choose to bed down with him or not, you can be sure that Gemini will always be there if you are up for a bit of fun.

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