The Pisces men are those who are born from February 19-March 20.

Element: WATER
Ruling Planet: NEPTUNE
Erogenous Zone: FEET

The Pisces gay man has so many subtle colors in his palette, it is hard to know where to begin. The phrase that best describes this complex and kooky man is imaginative healer. Both qualities -- the ability to heal and power of imagination -- are closely associated with Neptune, his ruling planet. Neptune is the planet that is most closely linked with magic, and magic is something that every Pisces man believes in. The straight boys may be in denial, of course, but the more "in tune" gay Pisces boys know that a world of illusion comes alive every time they close their eyes to dream.

These fellows are just so damn vivid! Some Pisces men work in professions that are linked to healing or helping. They make great social workers, are drawn to hospital environments, and have a literal "healing touch" that they use to help the aged or the sick. You can expect to see many a Pisces man on the front line fighting for the rights of people with AIDS.

These men are almost always gentle by nature, but just watch them do battle when it's for a cause or, more likely, a person they love. They are activists in the most personal sense. It's not just "political" for them.

You can also find gay Pisces fellows working in the arts. Their imagination knows no bounds, which is why they make great performers, writers, and artists. The lucky ones tap into their storytelling abilities early in life and develop their gift for not censoring themselves. That's what makes their art so pure, emotional, and immediate. Some Pisces men struggle to fit their talents into the "real world." It's not easy, but if someone believes in them, they can make it.

Pisces men are so deeply sensitive and emotional that almost all of them run the risk of substance abuse, sexual addiction, or involvement with an active addict. Being born at the end of the zodiacal wheel, these guys all have a world-weary wisdom, which they at times try to deny. No wonder it feels easier for them to do a shot, pop a pill, or fuck till they can't remember who they are, rather than to deal with the pains of the world that they are supersensitive to.

Their environment affects them deeply. They can psychically sense the mood in a room, and they absorb it. Being so damn mutable is not easy for them. They often search for a calm, stable place to settle down in, but they soon realize that they will carry waves of feeling and fear with them their whole lives. Their biggest challenge is to bestow some of that huge, all-encompassing Piscean compassion on themselves.

Whenever Pisces is in an outgoing mood, he is intoxicated on something. But even when he is outgoing, a part of him is held back—you can see him thinking things he does not say.
Each Pisces has his own brand of weirdness, which makes him tolerant of the strangeness of others. There is no need to pretend that you are anyone different than who you are.
This does not mean meeting Mr. Fish is a comfortable experience. His sudden silences and nonsequiturs are frustrating to the more literal-minded. His inability to talk about his own desires and goals will make it almost impossible to figure out just what he expects from you—until you shut up and clue in to telepathic messages Pisces is sending out.

Mr. Fish does not confine himself to any one “type” because his attraction is not primarily physical. He is looking for a man who triggers strong emotion in him and this response is to the inner man, not the outer package. He just wants to feel with intensity, so powerful anger is better for him than weak joy.

While it is true that Pisces will fantasize about any man he meets, he is seriously interested in only a few. However, his habit of giving emotionally to anyone in need—even stranger in a bar—leads men to think he is coming to them when he is not.

And if he is single at the time, Mr. Fish will not do much to disabuse them of this notion.
Since he cannot conceive of life alone, if Mr. Fish has no strong family or social network, a man he only half wants is better than nothing. In other words, if he is new to town, he is easy.

To win his love, words will not do, since he knows that words lie. You need to demonstrate in your behavior the same acceptance and tolerance he shows you. You need to enter his world with an attitude of respect rather than one of criticism.  After all, Pisces always wants to be in love with something or someone—so it might as well be you.

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Whichever one of you decides to end the relationship, just remember: It ain’t over till it’s over. Pisces still has a few surprises in store.

If you end the relationship, there may be a big scene with tears and begging until Pisces rolls over and plays dead. From that point on Mr. Fish accept all your charges and recriminations with no defense. Pisces is at his best when he is open to a range of possibilities. Once the possibilities are used up and it is clear that the relationship is headed for breakup, he has no energy to give you.

If Pisces says he wants out, he is really asking for you to fix what is wrong between you. And you had better do so. When Mr. Fish has had enough and really decides to call it quits, he will leave like a thief in the night. There will be no second chance for you. Even when the end is decisive, guilt lingers like a nasty stain. Pisces says nothing critical of you—but even if he did the dumping, it feels like it is all your fault.

Mr. Fish has an infinite capacity for feeling pain and making his ex-lover feel it too. However, he also recovers more completely than other men do. You may never be his best buddy, since Pisces has a long memory. But you have not damaged him for good—though he would like you to think that—so do not look back, and get on with your life.

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