Chocolate Covered Cherries...

I had originally planned on using the color, RED, as my theme for February since both Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year Celebration take place this month. But I decided to change it due to recent circumstances (though I will try to include red as much as possible)....

My best friend and 4-legged companion for the past 8 years was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer last summer. We have put up a great fight together over the last 7 months and for a brief moment thought we had beat it. But this past weekend the vet gave me the bad news that we have run out of options and are almost out of time as well.

Of course my heart sank with the deepest of sadness. So to honor him during his last few weeks, I have chosen a new theme. February's theme is, "Life is a Box of Chocolates", referring to how Forrest famously compares the treat with life.

You never know what life will throw at you...but I am grateful that I was able to share many adventures over the years with my "Mer-dog".
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Write by: RC - Monday, February 5, 2007

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