Temporary Houseguest

Well, my darling daughter, who is much like her mother, brought home a houseguest for us Friday. A box full of kittens had been abandoned by the river near her school. By the end of the day, all but one of the kittens had been "adopted" by the kids at school. So Parrish brought the poor, lone kitten home to foster, unitl we could find a permanent home for him. Kelly promptly named the little guy "Skittles." Not sure why, but Kelly has a way of naming things and they stick. So Skittles had a bath and a flea treatment, and slept in Parrish's bed with her last night. Our other fur-babies are furious with us for bringing the strange creature into their home. Woofey wouldn't have anything to do with us, and wouldn't even eat the bacon I gave him! He would just hiss and growl at poor little Skittles.

Well, Skittles now has a new home, and is going there this afternoon. A friend of Parrish's from school and work is going to adopt him, and even keep the name Skittles. He is a cute little thing, and I enjoyed cuddling him, but I am glad he is going to live elsewhere--I don't have time for a new baby, and I can't have my Woofey so upset! So when daddy leaves for work tomorrow, I am going to give Woofey a whole can of tuna to make it up to him!
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Write by: RC - Sunday, October 9, 2005

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