The Most Beautiful Winter Day!

I know I am in the minority, but I absolutely love snow. Snowy days like this are my favorite kind. I could seriously live somewhere that looked like this 9 months out of the year. There's just something so peaceful about falling snow and everything being blanketed in the fluffy white stuff. Especially out in the country. There's a strange silence when it snows. To me, it's just magical.

Unfortunately for me, I live in a region that gets very little snow, and I have a husband who can't stand the stuff. He thinks the next Ice Age has arrived when the temperature drops below 70. I know many of you probably agree with him.

So I live here in the south, where the blazing hot, steamy summer is six months of the year, and getting 1-2 snowfalls that barely cover the grass and melt within 3 days is a bad winter.

So imagine my joy when we've had 3 snowfalls so far! I love to take photographs of the snow, so I'm out there in my pajamas sometimes because I don't want it to stop falling--or god forbid MELT--while I am getting dressed! And trust me, that's happened before. I did actually get dressed before going out this morning though--it was too cold not to!

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Write by: RC - Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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