More Decorating Progress

One of these days, I might actually be finished! But this morning I picked up my new desk and bookcase from ModerNash, a great little company that takes orders for Ikea goods and runs down to Atlanta and brings them back. It sucks that the closest Ikea is in Atlanta, but nice that I can still things without paying Ikea's outrageous shipping costs. And even get things that Ikea won't ship. The shipping on this bookcase on desk through Ikea was almost twice the price of the actual items! The guys at ModerNash did it for a third of that.

These are the first items I have purchased from Ikea, and I was very pleased at how easily it all assembled. Often when buying furniture that needs assembly, you find that things don't always line up just right and you have to improvise or force things. That was not the case with Ikea.

I love my new furniture!

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Write by: RC - Saturday, January 23, 2010

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