I am a bad blogger...

I am such a bad blogger! I just forget to add new entries, or I don't have anything I feel is worthy of sharing...

But last weekend, I attended a photographers workshop in South Carolina with my friend and business partner, Rebekah. It was a long drive made even longer because of bad weather and accidents along the way. The rain was coming down so hard, and the fog was so thick, that we never even saw Knoxville as we drove right by the downtown area on I-40! It took us NINE hours to get to Columbia, South Carolina. It should have been a 6.25 hour drive, according to Google Maps.

Once we arrived and met the rest of the group for dinner, we enjoyed ourselves. We met some wonderful photographers from Connecticut and Florida (hey, Laurie and Leigh!), and from Johnson City, TN (hi, Wendy!) and from other places I can't remember (hi, girls!). We even met a lovely young woman from Dubai (you're gorgeous, Dana!).
As part of the workshop, we photographed some children at a local farm. Here are a few of the images. It's really hard to get good images of a child when there are 20 photographers crowded around all saying "look over here!"

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