OK...so the bad luck continues...

Here I am, on my way to a job, running late (as usual), and instead of being out there catching robbers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, and murderers, our local PD is hiding behind trees with a freakin' radar gun! Because, God knows, someone speeding is just the worst kind of criminal. And why is it, that my husband, who drives like a freakin' maniac, never gets a ticket? Life is soooo not fair.

And the heating/air conditioning saga continues...the latest quote we received on replacing the defunct system is $3,850. Quite a bit down from the $9,625 we got yesterday, but still an uncomfortable chunk of change that I would rather spend on scrap supplies, camera equipment, or a scuba trip. But if any of you have ever spent a summer in the mid-south, you know how necessary air conditioning becomes by late May!

Well, the Creating Keepsakes Convention is looming nearer, and I can't wait for all those great classes I signed up for--including one with Donna Downey, scrapbooking guru extraordanaire. I wish Cathy Zielske would be there, too, but nope.

I also joined a Book of Me group today, with some other lovely ladies from the CK message board. I have been contemplating a scrapbook that delves deeper into my thoughts, feelings, and impressions for a while now, and this group will help get me motivated. Thanks, ladies!

Thought I would share a photo of my favorite furbaby today. This is Woofey, my puppycat.

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Write by: RC - Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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